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Procurement Policy


This Procurement Policy aims to establish transparent and accountable procedures for purchasing goods and services for Friends of Goadby Marwood Village Hall (FoGMVH) while ensuring value for money, fairness, and compliance with legal and ethical standards.


The policy applies to all purchases made by FoGMVH, regardless of funding source, including but not limited to equipment, supplies, maintenance provision, and contracts for services.

  • Purchases with a value up to £2,500: Trustees may purchase items or services as necessary to achieve best value. Purchases will be agreed and minuted at meetings or agreed via email between a quorum of the trustees.

  • Purchases with a value in excess of £2,500: A minimum of three quotes must be obtained.

  • Purchases with a value in excess of £25,000: A full tender process is required.

Obtaining Quotes

Trustees will solicit quotations from reputable suppliers and service providers. The quotes will be obtained in writing and will include detailed specifications, pricing, terms and conditions. Before making a purchase, the trustees will evaluate the quotes based on quality, price, delivery time, and other relevant factors to determine the best value for FoGMVH.

Tender Process

For purchases exceeding £25,000, a tender process will be initiated. The tender process will cover the preparation of tender documents specifying requirements, evaluation criteria, and terms. The tender opportunity will be advertised in an appropriate manner. Received bids will be evaluated and the successful bidder selected based on the following criteria.

  • Compliance with specifications: Bidder’s ability to meet the technical specifications outlined in the tender document.

  • Price: Total cost of goods or services, including any additional fees or charges.

  • Experience and reputation: Bidder’s track record, references, and reputation for delivering similar projects.

  • Financial stability: Bidder’s financial capacity to fulfil the contract.

  • Quality assurance: Bidder’s quality control measures and commitment to delivering high-quality goods or services.

  • Sustainability and environmental impact: Bidder’s commitment to sustainable practices and minimising environmental impact.

  • Compliance: Bidder’s compliance with legal, regulatory, and ethical standards.

  • Delivery schedule: Bidder’s proposed timeline for delivery of goods or services.

Record Keeping

The Treasurer will maintain accurate records of all procurement activities, including minutes, quotes, tenders, contracts, and approvals. Records will be retained in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.


This policy will be reviewed annually.

Issue: 1

Last reviewed: January 2024

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