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Trustee Eligibility Policy

In order to be eligible to serve as a trustee of FoGMVH all nominees must complete a declaration confirming that they:

  • are willing to act as a trustee of the Friends of Goadby Marwood Village Hall

  • understand the organisation’s purposes (objects) and rules set out in its governing document

  • are not prevented from acting as a trustee because they:

  • have an unspent conviction for one or more of the following offences:

    • for an offence involving dishonesty or deception

    • for specified terrorism offences

    • for a specified money laundering offence

    • for specified bribery offences

    • for the offence of contravening a Charity Commission Order or Direction

    • for offences of misconduct in public office, perjury, or perverting the course of justice

    • for aiding attempting or abetting the above offences

  • have an IVA, debt relief order and/or a bankruptcy order

  • have been removed as a trustee in England, Scotland or Wales (by the Charity Commission or Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator)

  • have been removed from being in the management or control of any body in Scotland (under relevant legislation)

  • have been disqualified by the Charity Commission

  • are a disqualified company director

  • are a designated person for the purposes of anti-terrorism legislation

  • are on the sex offenders register

  • have been found in contempt of court for making (or causing to be made) a false statement

  • have been found guilty of disobedience to an order or direction of the Charity Commission



This policy will be reviewed annually.

Issue: 1

Last reviewed: January 2024

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