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The History of the Village Hall

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In the early 1860s, funds were raised to build a school room for the children of Goadby Marwood. The school, which was run by the Church of England, was opened on June 12th, 1861. A church service was held and tea was provided for visitors. The event was reported in The Grantham Journal:

The early part of the day was, as regards weather, of unpromising aspect, but before noon the unfavourable symptoms disappeared, and a numerous company assembled to celebrate the occasion.

The proceedings commenced with Devine Service in the Church at half past two o'clock. The prayers were read by the Rector (Rev. S. G. Bellairs) and a most appropriate and excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. E. B. Shaw, Rector of Narborough St Luke’s.

A collection amounting to about £30 was made towards liquidating the debt on the building. The parishioners, the facilities they will now enjoy for the education of their children, due to the exertions of their Rector.

The new edifice has been built from a design by W. J. Gillett Esq. It is of an appropriate and tasteful architecture and very substantial in construction, forming a considerable ornament and addition to the village.

Villagers present: - Hallam, Elsom, Rowbotham, Walker, Carter, Watson, Ellaby, Baker, Allen, Shipman, Ball, Chamberlain, Rippin, Dolby, Preston.


In 1972, the Leicestershire Diocesan Board of Finance purchased the disused school from the Leicestershire Diocesan Board of Education on behalf of the Parochial Church Council of St. Denys Church as managing trustees, using funds raised by local residents. Today, the building is used as a venue for community activities and events and there is a high degree of community involvement to facilitate these.

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